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2.5 applications I really miss in OS X

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In a previous post I wrote about my new life running on a MacBook Pro and OSX. It has now been over a month since I switch over to this unix hybrid, and I am quite liking it. It is very stable, I almost never turn off my mac, but I put it to sleep, this is working fine and my last reboot is over two weeks ago. I have also gotten used to some of the new weird keys on the keyboard and the shortcuts, but I am not yet as efficent on a mac as I am/were on ubuntu/windows. During the last few weeks I have discovered that Apple and other in most cases provide me with the applications I need, but not always, and here is the list of applications I really miss:

1. TortoiseSVN
Windows application which integrates itself with Windows Explorer and provide a SVN client. I would say that this is the best graphical SVN client I have ever used. SVNX which I currently use on the mac is not a very good replacement.

2. Kate / Notepad++
Kate is a KDE text editor for unix based systems. Notpad++ is Kates equivalent on Windows. Both editors provide a simple and intuitive user interface, and a lot of syntax highlight files for all the obscure programming languages you can think of.
I know Mac have the TextMate application, but that is third party software and you have to pay €48 or something for a license, and that is probably what I probably will do. The TextMate application is really good and provide most if not all the functionality that Kate and Notepad++ provide.

In my desperation for a good text editor I almost went off and tried to install KDE on Mac, but that was said to be experimental and could break my entire system. So that is a no go for now. The article however was really interesting:


I still miss my ubuntu system and will probably go off and install parallels or vmware and ubuntu, just to have it accessible :)

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Written by Kristian Lunde

December 3rd, 2008 at 11:51 pm

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  1. Have you tried SCPlugin (
    It’s inspired by TortoiseSVN, and have worked quite well for me (I too used Tortoise in the days as a windows-user).

    When coming to editors, my favorite so far is Smultron =)
    It’s not the most advanced out there, but it has actually been good enough for all my projects so far. And it’s free.

    It has syntax-highlightning for 60-something-languages, simple project-handling, commands, snippets and other handy functions you (atleast me) would expect from an text-editor. It’s developed by a Swede, though :D

    Michael Odden

    11 Dec 08 at 18:24:14

  2. Tnx Michael. Smultron was just the kind of editor I was looking for :D

    I have downloaded the SCPlugin but it is not installed yet, that will be something to have a look at this christmas.

    Kristian Lunde

    17 Dec 08 at 01:00:11

  3. My pleasure, Kristian ;) Enjoy your christmas!

    Michael Odden

    27 Dec 08 at 18:52:12

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