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Geographical and Syntactical Integration of Geospatial Data

Keywords: Map conflation, geometrical integration, syntactical integration, VMAP0, VMAP1, DNC, JUMP.

Abstract: A map repository is a collection of geospatial data that describes elements of the world. The geospatial data describes features geometrically and semantically. One of the crucial tasks a map repository has to support is the integration of new data, and the updating of already existing features. This thesis deals with the problem of integrating and updating geometrical features in a map repository. The integration is viewed both from a geometrical and a syntactical point of view. The geometrical integration process section of this thesis contains one theoretical part and one practical part. The theoretical part of the geometrical integration process contains a detailed description of the problems that arise when trying to merge data sets which are different from each other. When the problem has been thoroughly described, one or more solutions to these problems are described. The practical part describes a step by step process of doing a geometrical integration. The practical geometrical integration process is based on the solutions which are sketched in the theoretical section. The second major element of this thesis is the syntactical integration of geometrical data. Similarly to the geometrical integration, the lazy integration is divided into a theoretical and a practical section. The theoretical part uses a method called lazy integration originally developed for semantical data, as a foundation to build a lazy integration method for geometrical data. The main objective with lazy integration is to preserve the structure of the integrated data set. Using this method, it is possible to store geospatial data that have different structures and information in one GML file. The practical section uses the lazy integration process on two different problem cases. Both the theoretical and practical part of this thesis contain real world examples to define and describe problems and solutions.


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April 18th, 2008 at 9:22 pm

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