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The big move

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There is a lot of things going right now. We (@ramonahz, my daughter and myself) have decided to move back to Norway. We have thought about this for a while now and finally made the decision a few weeks ago. The main reason for moving back is that we want to be closer to our family, and not restrict our daughter to only see her grandparents a few times a year.

The move has affected my work slightly, I have resigned from my position at MySapient LTD and are now looking to do some freelance work from Norway. I also have a few other interesting things coming up, but I’ll leave that for a later blog post.

We have already started the process of moving back, and we’ll be leaving Newcastle and the UK on the 26th of July. We have spent almost 2 years in Newcastle, I have met some amazing people during these past two years, made some good friends and worked for two really cool companies. I am really going to miss living here, but hey, I’ll be back to visit soon.

Arrivederci Newcastle.

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June 19th, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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I’m looking for a job in Newcastle (UK)

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I’ve started to look for a job in Newcastle Upon Tyne since my girlfriend and daugther are moving there in September. I’ve posted my resume and profile on,, and I’ve also set up a few job mailers which sends me the most recent IT jobs registered on the sites mentioned above.

So far I haven’t found any perfect matches, however, I’ve applied on a few jobs that sounds interesting.

Please take a look at my linkedin profile or resume If you are hiring and looking for a web developer or software engineer, and do not hesitate to contact me.

It is a bit sad that I have to resign from my position in Derdubor AS, because I got a couple of really good colleagues there and I learn a lot working there. However, I’m looking forward to new challenges in Newcastle.

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June 10th, 2008 at 10:46 pm

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